How do we make sure our product is of top notch quality?

Just like how you need fresh ingredients to cook fresh food, our raw materials go through a meticulous 9 step process to produce great quality end products.


Our process


Raw materials such as Coal, Iron Ore, Pellets & Dolomite are inspected at the source by a professional before arriving at the steel plant facility.


Raw materials are then intercepted at facility to undergo a second stage of thorough inspection and chemical analysis.


All the raw materials are tested for moisture content by highly skilled engineers.


Iron Ore and Pellets are tested for purity of Fe. Unwanted substances like Silicon dioxide, Aluminum Oxide and Phosphorus are also tested.


Tumbler and Abrasion index of Iron Ore and Pellets are determined and analysed. These indices give us an idea about it’s mechanical and thermal resistance to sintering.


The contamination levels are checked for all the raw materials.


The Pellets also undergo Basicity and Porosity test.


Finally, we do a size analysis of all the raw materials


All the raw materials are then stored safely in their respective containers.

Sponge Iron


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We strive to create a better future for not only the steel plant and our business, but also for our honest and hard-working employees, who we treat as family.

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