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Sustainability of Power Plant

With the appetite to be an energy efficient friendly and self sustainable, we have envisaged a 12MW CPP which is combination of 2no WHRBs (Waste Heat Recovery Boilers) & an AFBC (Agitated Fluid Bed Chamber) Boiler.

It’s estimated to produce 4MW power from both the WHRBs. We intend to expand the production in the immediate future to ensure cost-effective power supply to its Steel Making Shop(SMS) & Rolling Mill (which would be established in next phase) to maximize operational efficiency and enhanced functional superiority.


ILC IRON & STEEL Pvt Ltd group is committed to keeping the surrounding eco-friendly & have planted more than 0.5 million saplings of different species in and around the mining areas. The company is the first & only private Co to have a water pipeline project up the hill to cater to the afforestation & dust suppression in a scientific manner.

The company has made a contract of 12 lakhs project with EARNST & YOUNG (E&Y) – a pollution care center internationally known. We also use ESP (Electrostatic perspiration), a form of technology to combat pollution by filtering dust particles and other harmful gases before final emissions.


Personal protection equipment like compulsory helmets, goggles, shoes, aprons, gloves, masks are made compulsory for all the workers in the production unit. Even workers are prohibited to use mobiles & ornaments. Safety belts are provided. The employees are given training regarding the safety measures to be followed in the company. The company has set up occupational health center.

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We strive to create a better future for not only the steel plant and our business, but also for our honest and hard-working employees, who we treat as family.

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